An apology

The Sons Are Free was started with the intention of being a repository of original articles for believers whom God is calling to come out from religious bondage unto freedom as sons of God. It was my hope to provide encouragement and affirmation, on what is often a lonely and unnerving process of revelation and growth.

'It's too LATE for an apology!'

Along the way, I fell victim to my own ambition to grow the blog and began posting humorous pieces under the category Rimshots, together with short posts of a more personal devotional nature called Musings. You’d think I’d know better than to quench the Spirit by chasing after my own ambitions, having written an article (link) about it several months ago.  But no, I failed to see it as applicable to myself, which only confirms another of the things God has shown me; and that is most of the “words”, dreams and visions we receive from Him are intended to teach the person He gave them to, more often than He gives them for sharing with others.

Still, I’m free to share what the Lord gives me, because it is, after all, my testimony of Him and His work in my life about which I am always eager to share because I love Him and I want to see Him lifted up. About such sharing, He said “freely you have received (from me), freely give (to others).” Oh, but what is it that we share? It is for the building up of the hearer and the tearing down of falsehoods and strongholds. Sadly, my judgement concerning what should be shared is not always ‘spot on’.

The truth is, God made me funny. About that I make no apology. He ordained me to write songs and a musical, the creation of which spans 45 years and saw me witness to countless life is stranger than fiction moments. He has shown me humor in scripture and I can’t help but laugh at the slapstick comedy inherent in the blind leading the blind.

However, not every believer appreciates humor. As before, that should have been obvious to me after someone who asked to read the script for my musical questioned whether or not it was from God because it was TOO funny. It was wrong of me to post humorous items on a blog intended for such serious purpose. Doing so was counterproductive and served up a mixed message. Thus I have deleted all the Rimshot and Musing posts, to return the blog to what I feel was the Lord’s leading when I started it last winter.

In hindsight, I failed to heed the advice of Paul who held his own freedom in check so as not to cause others to stumble (1 Cor. 9:19-23, et al). Accordingly, I offer my sincere apology to anyone who was offended by my humor.