Change of season


Cherry blossoms.

My leading with this blog has been to establish a repository of reading material for believers who are making their way out of religious bondage to freedom in Christ. The journey is often a frightening and lonely one and I found comfort and reassurance in the testimonies of others whom I met online who had made the journey before me and whose experiences often echoed my own.

To that end, I’ve posted several articles per week since last November, from the archive of my old web site at (now defunct), together with the volume of new writings the Lord has given me since last fall. With the arrival of spring, I no longer feel a leading to post from the remaining archives of my old site and the volume of new articles has come to a halt. Thus from this point forward, only that which is new and the Lord prompts me to share will be posted here.

This change in seasons seems to be in response to a release from the burden I’ve had concerning man’s church and in particular, the one the Lord sent me to for several months last year. The Lord used it as a kind of archetype to motivate me to pray, seek Him and write. My time there was often frustrating and hurtful, though not for anything anyone did to me, for I’ve come to expect that from religious institutions. Rather, my frustration and hurt has more to do with the inability to heal, much less reach any of the blind and deaf captives of man’s church. Admittedly, some of my frustration is with the Lord Himself, who rather than deliver them from bondage, hirelings, thieves and robbers, has instead allowed them slip further into the belly of the beast, or at least that is my perception.

It was in reading several of Yvonne’s posts at New Heaven on Earth (link) that the Lord revealed to me a better way to pray and work out my frustrations than the emotional and reactionary prayers I had been sending up:

Advance Your Kingdom, O Lord! Advance Your Kingdom!

Looking to scripture for a model prayer for the deliverance of God’s people from bondage, the Lord turned my attention to the Israelite’s who made their escape from Egypt. To keep them moving forward, the Lord lit a fire behind them, while the cloud of His glory went before them to guide the way. When they came to an impassible obstacle, He parted the sea for His people to make their escape to the Land of Promise. Thus moving in and with the will of God, He pummeled the captors of His people, burned that which was not of Him, made clear the way of their escape and drowned those who sought to defy Him and harm His people. My soulish prayer for God to “burn that church to the ground”, was at best only half a prayer and had He acted upon it, His people would have been left stranded and without a shepherd.

Far better is it, to pray “Advance Your Kingdom, O Lord!” that God might take care of every detail and deliver His people unto Himself, than for me to agonize over their every peril and offer up short-sighted and ineffective prayers on their behalf. It is in praying “thy kingdom come, thy will be done, in earth as in heaven(Matthew 6:10) that I have found release, not only for my burden for them, but for the burden my mind has been under in watching and obsessing over the spiritual train-wreck that is the church God sent me to and also man’s religious system.

I’ll post again when the Holy Spirit gives me something to say. Until then, go with God.